MTS Everseen technology identifies non-scanning activities by applying advanced video and data analytics to existing point of sales video and data streams.

At its heart is a set of powerful video analytic tools, built to identify the different events that can occur at a point of sale resulting in non-scans, irregular voiding / refunding / discounting / sweet hearting and other process breaches. This Innovative Technology will provide significant measurable reductions within Retail’s Greatest Area of Loss.

MTS Everseen’s Video Intelligence monitors, identifies & reports Irregular Activity at the Point of Sale. Providing additional added value through the identification of both training and process gap analysis, making rapid operational impact & cultural change.

Installing the MTS Everseen technology is a team of experienced service/maintenance and installation engineers, technical support and administrative support staff. Our team of directly-employed engineers is managed by our 24 Hour Service Desk for scheduling calls and handling emergency call outs.