We provide a full range of security monitoring and response services;

  • conventional intruder and panic alarm response, event monitoring
  • supervision of setting/un-setting of your alarm industrial process control
  • state of the art remote video monitoring for your CCTV system

We understand that your requirement for a security system is deterrence, to prevent an incident or loss occurring.

You can trust us to deter incidents. We will respond to security issues affecting your property, minimising loss or damage and providing you with real peace of mind. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our personnel protect your property at the times when you can’t.

Because operators can view your site as soon as an alarm is activated, we have a better chance of stopping any further damage to your property.

We can report and confirm a crime in progress which will receive a priority response. We can also actively monitor your site, remotely carrying out surveillance patrols with your cameras at pre-arranged times. These are just some of the services on offer from MTS.

By adding a simple amplifier and some loudspeakers, our operators can convey warnings to intruders, informing them that their actions are being monitored and recorded and that the appropriate authorities have been contacted.

After such a challenge intruders will often depart without delay, and this can be an extremely effective way of deterring and limiting further damage.

Our services are not just about crime prevention. MTS can also help you in managing your business. Our operators can allow access through electronic gates to authorized vehicles or personnel.

We can verify a caller’s identity over an audio-visual link and use a secure process to open your gates remotely from the monitoring centre while monitoring your site CCTV cameras.

When an alarm is triggered our monitoring centre receives two simultaneous signals.

The first is the alarm activation, and the second is a live video feed from your premises, in some cases with a ‘pre-event’ recording of the activity that took place on site immediately before the alarm was activated. Monitoring centre staff can now view live images from your CCTV cameras, allowing them to see what triggered your alarm and to provide an immediate and appropriate response.

Take control of any full-function cameras to visually patrol the site and to identify any immediate threats.

Remotely warn off intruders via your public address loudspeakers.

Make direct contact with the Authorities and provide detailed, live information such as descriptions of intruders and their movements while they are still on-site.

Use the video information to minimise threats to the safety of the owner, key-holder, or responder providing you with total piece of mind.

With Video Verification, you benefit from having your very own 24-hour security response on-site.

Our monitoring services are provided by our Sister Company, National Monitoring Network LTD., PSA License No.00777